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IT consulting
'People and Visions'
is not just our slogan, it's our philosophy. We strive to build strong relationships with our customers and commit ourselves to converting your visions into long-term scalable technical solutions.

Database modeling & information security

Database Your data is critical.
There's no escaping it. To ensure your data is safe, a strong policy must be maintained to prevent data loss or data theft within your company.
Goldeneye Solutions can help you design or build such a policy to protect your sensitive information and comply with privacy and data protection regulations. Our robust solutions include:
  • Centralized control over data access
  • Sensitive data encryption at all times when at rest or in transit
To gain some insight on the scope of database security, consult the following documents:
"If money could be said to exist anywhere in a network, it exists on a database server. When we say that modern economies are reliant on computers, what we really mean is that modern economies are reliant on database systems." --Database Hacker's Handbook
Brick Your data is the foundation of your business.
At Goldeneye Solutions, we can build or rebuild database systems as solid foundations that your business can rely on.
Whether you have simple project or want a customized e-commerce solution, we can propose, review or build from scratch a powerful and scalable database system applying industry best-practices such as entity-relationship modeling. We make a personal commitment to build cost-effective solutions that can decrease your hardware and licensing costs. Our robust solutions include:
  • Collecting sales, marketing, or any data relevant to your business
  • On demand reporting and analytics
We provide ongoing support and development services for the following RDBMS:
When working with Goldeneye Solutions, you'll never be speaking to salespeople but directly to our savvy software engineers.

Web services

Innovative solutions.
If you are looking for innovative solutions in the area of web integration and web services, you have come to the right place. Our expertise gives us an edge to convert your ideas into user-friendly technical solutions.
Check Standards compliant.
Our web applications conform to the W3C standards to ensure interoperability across current and future web technologies.
For more information about our web services, click here.